IGCSE: 1. General Physics : 1.2 Motion

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<b>What I should know:</b><br><br> • Define speed and calculate average speed from total time/total distance<br> • Plot and interpret a speed-time graph or a distance/time graph<br> • Recognise from the shape of a speed-time graph when a body is<br> – at rest<br> – moving with constant speed<br> – moving with changing speed<br> • Calculate the area under a speed-time graph to work out the distance travelled for motion with constant acceleration<br> • Demonstrate understanding that acceleration and deceleration are related to changing speed including qualitative analysis of the gradient of a speed-time graph<br> • State that the acceleration of free fall for a body near to the Earth is constant<br><br> <b>When you click the next button the quiz will begin.</b><br><br> <b>Note: You can enlarge any image by clicking on the image</b>

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